Acupuncture uses the insertion of very fine, disposable needles along acupuncture points or meridians on the body to influence the normal flow of energy or 'Qi', circulate blood and fluids, alleviate stagnation and so much more to promote an individual's health and wellbeing. Although some sensations may be felt with the insertion of the needles into the skin, acupuncture very rarely induces a pain response and is considered safe when conducted by a registered acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner.


Moxibustion, commonly referred to as Moxa, is an ancient Chinese medicine technique used to warm areas of the body or acupuncture points - similar to the use of a heat pack but so much better! Moxa comes in various forms and is made of dried Mugwort. Moxa is set alight and placed indirectly over areas in need of warmth to help invigorate Qi and blood, alleviate stagnation and restore our Yang energy - it feels amazing like a warm hug!


Cupping is an incredible technique that may help to alleviate muscular tension! You might have seen world class swimmers donning these cup marks at the last Olympics! Contrary to popular belief, these marks are not bruises and are instead a great diagnostic tool that gives your practitioner a deeper understanding of the state of your health. This technique requires a skilled practitioner to draw air out of the cup using a flame or suction gun and to quickly press the cup onto the body causing the tissue to be sucked up like a vacuum. Cool right? Instead of alleviating tension by compressing the muscle fibres like massage, the cup allows these muscular layers to spread apart, causing blood to rush in bringing with it many of the nutrients required for tissue repair. 


Guasha is a scraping technique that may help alleviate many symptoms by stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation using a massage tool. Guasha tools are often made of Jade and are getting increasingly popular in the beauty and cosmetic industries for their use in facial guasha. Much like cupping, guasha often leaves marks on the body which can be used as a great diagnostic tool to tell us what is happening at a deeper level. 

Chinese Dietetics

Chinese dietetics not only focuses on the nutritional density of what we consume but also the energetics of our food and how we can create balance in our everyday eating habits and make peace with our plate! It teaches us to eat mindfully and helps us to intuitively choose foods that will most nourish our unique constitution. Chinese medicine is all about bio-individuality! There is no one diet for everybody because each and every body is completely different! A skilled Chinese medicine practitioner can help you find what works for you to help you thrive!

Chinese Patent Herbal Formulae

Chinese Patent Herbal Formulae refers to the use of ancient Chinese herbal supplementation. Chinese herbal formulas are based on ancient recipes which have been carefully assembled to treat a wide variety of symptoms. Much like Chinese dietetics, these herb formulas focus not only on nutritional and pharmacological benefits but also on the energetic components of herbs to better serve your unique pattern. Rachel works closely with several trusted brands to ensure that you receive the best quality formulas.

Chinese Exercise Therapy

Chinese exercise therapy includes various exercises to help invigorate Qi & blood, stretch the meridians and target specific organs to create harmony within the body. Commonly referred to as Qi Gong which loosely translates to "breath work" or "energy work", these exercises can help alleviate many symptoms through re-harmonising the natural flow of Qi in our bodies. Qi Gong incorporates deep diaphragmatic breathing which is essential to health & well being. 

Clinical Interests

Women's health & hormone balance is one of Rachel's many passions! Too often today, women are being diagnosed with various hormonal conditions. Having experienced her own health & hormonal challenges, Rachel has a unique understanding of hormones and the way in which Chinese medicine treatment may help support the women facing hormonal imbalance, helping to restore their quality of life and improve their well-being!

Aside from women's health, Rachel also has clinical interests in supporting fertility in both men & women. Whether it is working with a couple to naturally conceive or as an adjunct treatment to work alongside IVF, Rachel has the skills & tools to help support you from pre-conception, through pregnancy, to post-natal and beyond! It brings us such joy to be apart of the journey, bringing beautiful babies earth side!

Beyond women's health & fertility, paediatric medicine is another one of Rachel's passions, (yep, you heard that right), children & even babies can receive acupuncture too! Assisting with a range of symptoms, Chinese medical techniques may be a gentle yet effective way to restore balance to your little ones!

Working predominantly with women's health and fertility cases, Rachel has found mental health, stress & anxiety to be a key factor in treating these clients as well as many others. With the impact of our increasingly stressful lives, taking care of our mental health is so important! Rachel has an empathetic and compassionate approach to various mental health issues and is passionate about cultivating emotional well-being in her clients!