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My Why! A look at women's health and education.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Unknown

I chose to become a natural health practitioner because I recognised that there was a lack of education, understanding and support provided to clients within the conventional medical setting, particularly when it came to women’s health and hormones!

Do you remember your sex education class at school? Did you receive an in-depth learning about the menstrual cycle and how our hormones rise and lower throughout the different phases? I certainly didn’t! It was brief, mostly fear-mongering curriculum about teenage pregnancy, broken up with the awkward 'slipping condoms on bananas' segment! Who could forget? Was your education similar?

A girl in a field facing away from the camera towards the sun.

Since then, I have seen many young girls and women (myself included) being prescribed synthetic hormone-based contraception such as the OCP and hormonal IUD’s to “fix” issues such as acne, irregular, heavy and painful menstruation, PCOS, PMS and the list goes on. What I wish I knew when I had begun my health journey was that instead of facilitating healing, these mostly synthetic hormones in fact masked symptoms of an underlying imbalance, hiding my body’s literal cries for help!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an anti-contraception post but rather a 'pro-educating women about their bodies and what symptoms such as acne, irregular and painful periods and PMS are telling us' post! How these synthetic hormones railroad our own hormones without addressing the root cause of imbalance. For example, did you know that the bleed you experience on your sugar pills is not a real period and in fact a forced chemical bleed caused by the sudden withdrawal of synthetic hormones?

My aim is to work alongside conventional medicine to help you achieve better health and happier hormones! I believe that these forms of contraception should be used how they were intended to be used - as contraception! And not for symptom management!

I am passionate about women’s health because I AM woman! I too have been there, I have wanted answers! I am here to educate women to make informed choices regarding their health care. Knowledge is power after all! This is how I hope to be the change that I would like to see in the world of women's health!

You can find me in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast and Yeronga, Brisbane!

Peace, happiness and ALL of the healing vibes flowing your way always!

♡ Rach

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