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Are you sacrificing your health for the sake of pleasing others?

"The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness" - Arthur Schopenhauer

Are you sacrificing your health for the sake of pleasing others?

Here's the thing! While society deems it admirable to be selfless and take care of others' needs before our own, we NEED to nurture ourselves first! And when we do! We are able to serve others better! From a full cup, not an empty one! Give from the overflow right?

A woman covering half of her face with a large green leaf.

When we prioritise our health! We are happier, more productive, more creative, kinder and more compassionate beings and BONUS, we feel vital AF!

When you look after yourself first, whether it be simply putting your phone away or turning the TV off during meals, waking up 5 minutes earlier to fit in that meditation, take that yoga class you've always wanted to try or book in that acupuncture treatment, massage or nutrition consult - making the time, not only benefits your health and happiness but the health and happiness of those around you!

Picture this! You made the time! You prioritised you! You are feeling great! Maybe your child spills something or has lost something, your partner forgets to do that thing you asked, but you aren't phased because well, your bursting with vitality! You act with compassion instead of reacting in frustration!

Now you partner goes into their work day, feeling happier, they act with compassion too when faced with a challenge! And then that person feels happier and the next and the next and the next! WILD I know! But it is true!

SO, do it for yourself first! Give from the overflowing cup and not the empty one! Everyone and I mean everyone will be better for it!

You can find me in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast and Yeronga, Brisbane!

Peace, happiness and ALL of the healing vibes flowing your way!

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